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Like your books less Dickens, more Dickov? Less Jane Austen, more Charlie Austin? Welcome to the home of the critically-acclaimed Football Book Club podcast! The hilarious series where comedy writers get stuck into the true classics of the literary world - footballers’ autobiographies.

Since 2019, the Book Club have been reading the good, the bad and the very bad. Darren Huckerby's 'Hucks', Frank Lampard's 'Totally Frank', and of course 'The Life and Times of Barry Ferguson' - we've read them all! From obscure gems by Asamoah Gyan, to cult classics by Garry Monk. Even the Michael Owen trilogy.

And you can listen to all five series so far on all podcast platforms NOW.

As recommended by BBC Five Live, The Athletic, The Sunday Times and named one of Esquire's best comedy podcasts around right now.

Described as “pretty funny” by Darren Huckerby.


Esquire - 'These Are The 38 Best Comedy Podcasts Around Right Now'

The Sunday Post - 'Pick of the Podcasts'

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Roy Keane vs Mick McCarthy Pt. 2
February 19, 2024x
1:14:5968.66 MB

Roy Keane vs Mick McCarthy Pt. 2

After the drama of Mick McCarthy's 2002 World Cup Diary a fortnight ago, it's time for Roy Keane's side of the story, as we read the Manchester United legend's explosive 2002 book 'Keane: The Autobiography'. Joining us to read it is the brilliant comedian and comedy writer, as well as host of The W...

Roy Keane vs Mick McCarthy Pt. 1
February 05, 2024x
1:15:3869.25 MB

Roy Keane vs Mick McCarthy Pt. 1

We're heading back to 2002 where, over on an island in Japan, the Irish World Cup camp is about to be rocked by a heavyweight clash for the ages - Roy Keane vs Mick McCarthy. Once and for all we're going to find out who was right, who was wrong and most importantly, who wrote the better book about ...

Story Time 3: Cyril the Swan Goes On The Rampage & Taylor Swift Charms Corinthians
January 22, 2024x
54:0349.5 MB

Story Time 3: Cyril the Swan Goes On The Rampage & Taylor Swift Charms Corinthians

It's time once more for everyone's favourite Football Book Club spin-off - Story Time! Previously only available to members of the Football Book Club *Club*, now everyone can enjoy our New Year's Day collection of loosely-football related stories, including brawling mascots, Romanian World Cup mish...


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Apple Podcasts
Never fails to disappoint

Been listening for a while, huge fan of the show and glad to have it back. Great contrast to normal football podcast content, and a funny insight into the mundane (or not so in some cases), lives of footballers. Keep it going!

Apple Podcasts
It’s So Funny… Please rethink your sponsors

I have just binged 5 eps in one day. It’s so cheerful, interesting and funny… Edit; disappointed by the betting advertisements. It’s an addiction that bankrupts vulnerable people, and tears their families apart. Please rethink your sponsors.

Apple Podcasts
I laughed a whole lot

Great hosts and concept, worth a ear kick-about

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