Coleen Rooney's 'Welcome To My World'
Football Book ClubOctober 30, 2023x
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Coleen Rooney's 'Welcome To My World'

James in on holiday, so Tash is taking the reins for a Football Book Club first, as we read a book by a true quadruple threat. WAG, fashion icon, detective and Tash's inspiration - it's the one and only Coleen Rooney. She might have a new book and a TV series out, but we're heading back to 2007 to read her noughties classic 'Welcome To My World', detailing her and Wayne's life as never before. Including Coleen channelling Klinsmann in her garden, dressing Wayne, hanging out with Busted and Ashlee Simpson, and a complete guide to what everyone should keep in their handbags. Plus Wayne doing backflips and watching DVDs on the beach, and James Boughen's sneak peak at Matthew Hoggard's autobiography.

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