Roy Keane vs Mick McCarthy Pt. 1
Football Book ClubFebruary 05, 2024x
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Roy Keane vs Mick McCarthy Pt. 1

We're heading back to 2002 where, over on an island in Japan, the Irish World Cup camp is about to be rocked by a heavyweight clash for the ages - Roy Keane vs Mick McCarthy.

Once and for all we're going to find out who was right, who was wrong and most importantly, who wrote the better book about it? Starting with then Ireland manager Mick McCarthy's World Cup diary 'Ireland's World Cup 2002'. And joining us to read it is Ipswich/McCarthy megafan and creator of Apple TV's 'Trying' - comedy writer Andy Wolton.

Featuring clashes with the press, Gary Doherty selection headaches, and of course the Roy Keane incident. Plus Jason McAteer's fledgling romance with Kylie, Buddhist sound baths and Kenny Cunningham playing 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' on the coach.

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